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Hook someone for

verb phrase

To cheat someone out of; take away, esp by shady means: At Atlantic City they hooked him for everything he had (1940s+)


Read Also:

  • Hook-shot

    noun, Basketball. 1. a shot with one hand in which a player extends the shooting arm to the side and brings it back over the head toward the basket while releasing the ball.

  • Hook someone into something

    verb phrase To obligate or involve someone by force or trickery: They hooked me into paying for everybody’s lunch/ She got rooked into a very boring cocktail party (1940s+)

  • Hook someone up

    verb phrase To arrest someone; collar, pinch [1990s+ Police; probably fr the act of handcuffing someone]

  • Hookswinging

    [hoo k-swing-ing] /ˈhʊkˌswɪŋ ɪŋ/ noun 1. a ritualistic torture, practiced among the Mandan Indians, in which a voluntary victim was suspended from attached to the flesh of the back.

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