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Nick. born 1958, British writer; his books include the memoir Fever Pitch (1992; filmed 1997) and the bestselling novels About a Boy (1998; filmed 2002),How To Be Good (2001), and Juliet, Naked (2009)


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  • Horn-chair

    noun 1. a chair, especially of the late 19th-century U.S., having a frame made from steer, elk, buffalo, or other animal horns.

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    [hawrn] /hɔrn/ noun 1. Lena, 1917–2010, U.S. singer and actress. 2. Marilyn, born 1934, U.S. mezzo-soprano.

  • Horndog

    noun a sexually excited or desirous person Usage Note slang n. by 1995, from horn (n.) in the sexual sense (see horny) + dog.

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