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a European plant, Glaucium flavum, of the poppy family, having yellow flowers, naturalized along sandy shores in eastern North America.
any of several Eurasian papaveraceous plants of the genera Glaucium and Roemeria, having large brightly coloured flowers and long curved seed capsules


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  • Hopup

    modifier Used to increase the power and speed of a car engine: a pretty good selection of hopup and speed equipment (1950s+ Hot rodders)

  • Hop trefoil

    noun 1. a leguminous plant, Trifolium campestre, of N temperate grasslands, with globular yellow flower heads and trifoliate leaves US and Canadian name hop clover

  • Hoptree

    [hop-tree] /ˈhɒpˌtri/ noun 1. any of several North American shrubs or small belonging to the genus Ptelea, of the citrus family, especially P. trifoliata, having trifoliate leaves and roundish, waferlike fruit.

  • Hoptoad

    [hop-tohd] /ˈhɒpˌtoʊd/ noun, Chiefly Northeastern U.S. 1. a . n. by 1827, American English, from hop (v.) + toad.

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