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Hornet clearwing

See clearwing


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  • Horney

    [hawr-nahy] /ˈhɔr naɪ/ noun 1. Karen, 1885–1952, U.S. psychiatrist and author, born in Germany.

  • Hornfels

    [hawrn-felz] /ˈhɔrn fɛlz/ noun 1. a dark, fine-grained metamorphic rock, the result of recrystallization of siliceous or argillaceous sediments by contact metamorphism. /ˈhɔːnfɛlz/ noun 1. a hard compact fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the action of heat from a magmatic intrusion on neighbouring sedimentary rocks Also called hornstone hornfels (hôrn’fělz’) A fine-grained metamorphic rock having […]

  • Horn-fly

    noun 1. a small bloodsucking fly, Haematobia irritans, that is a pest, especially of cattle.

  • Hornie

    [hawr-nee] /ˈhɔr ni/ noun, Scot. 1. .

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