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a yellowish bryozoan or sea mat sometimes found on beaches after a storm


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  • Horny

    [hawr-nee] /ˈhɔr ni/ adjective, hornier, horniest. 1. consisting of a horn or a hornlike substance; corneous. 2. having a horn or horns or hornlike projections; horned. 3. hornlike as a result of hardening; callous: horny hands. 4. Slang: Vulgar. 5. Archaic. semiopaque or somewhat translucent, like horn. /ˈhɔːnɪ/ adjective hornier, horniest 1. of, like, or […]

  • Horny-coral

    noun 1. a gorgonian.

  • Horny layer

    horny layer n. See stratum corneum.

  • Hornywink

    /ˈhɔːnɪˌwɪŋk/ noun 1. (Southwest English, dialect) a lapwing

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