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[hoh-zee] /ˈhoʊ zi/

verb (used without object), hoseyed, hoseying. Informal. New England.
to choose sides, as in a children’s game.


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    [Sephardic Hebrew haw-shah-nah rah-bah; Ashkenazic Hebrew hoh-shah-naw rah-baw] /Sephardic Hebrew hɔ ʃɑˈnɑ rɑˈbɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew hoʊˈʃɑ nɔ ˈrɑ bɔ/ noun 1. the seventh day of the Jewish festival of Sukkoth, occurring on the twenty-first day of Tishri and having a special liturgy containing a series of invocations to God for forgiveness and salvation.

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    [hoh-zher] /ˈhoʊ ʒər/ noun 1. a person who makes or deals in hose or stockings or goods knitted or woven like hose. /ˈhəʊzɪə/ noun 1. a person who sells stockings, etc n. late 14c., hosyere “hose-maker” (attested as a surname from late 12c.), from hose (n.) + -ier, French-influenced agent noun suffix.

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    [hoh-zhuh-ree] /ˈhoʊ ʒə ri/ noun 1. stockings or socks of any kind. 2. the business of a . /ˈhəʊzɪərɪ/ noun 1. stockings, socks, and knitted underclothing collectively n. stocking collectively, 1775, from hosier + -y (1). As “factory where hose is made,” from 1803.

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