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[hos-tl-er] /ˈhɒs tl ər/

a person who operates a hostel.
a person who stays at a hostel or goes hosteling.
a person who stays at youth hostels
an archaic word for innkeeper


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  • Hostelling

    [hos-tl] /ˈhɒs tl/ noun 1. Also called youth hostel. an inexpensive, supervised lodging place for young people on bicycle trips, hikes, etc. 2. British. a residence hall at a university. 3. an inn. verb (used without object), hosteled, hosteling or (especially British) hostelled, hostelling. 4. to travel, lodging each night at a hostel. /ˈhɒstəlɪŋ/ noun […]

  • Hostelry

    [hos-tl-ree] /ˈhɒs tl ri/ noun, plural hostelries. 1. an inn or hotel. /ˈhɒstəlrɪ/ noun (pl) -ries 1. (archaic or facetious) an inn n. late 14c. (as a surname from early 14c.), from Old French hostelerie “house, guest-house; kitchen; hospice, almshouse” (12c., Modern French hôtellerie), from hostel (see host). Lost, then revived 19c.

  • Hostel-school

    noun 1. (in Canada) one of a series of boarding schools operated by the federal government in the northern territories for Indian and Eskimo students. noun 1. (in N Canada) a government boarding school for Native American and Inuit students

  • Hostess

    [hoh-stis] /ˈhoʊ stɪs/ noun 1. a woman who receives and entertains guests in her own home or elsewhere. 2. a woman employed in a restaurant or place of amusement to receive, seat, or assist patrons. 3. a woman who acts as master of ceremonies, moderator, or interviewer for a television or radio program; host. 4. […]

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