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[hah-chah, -chuh] /ˈhɑ tʃɑ, -tʃə/

interjection, Older Slang.
(used as an expression of approval or delight, now often used facetiously.)


Sexually attractive and energetic: He run Sternwood’s hotcha daughter, the young one, off to Yuma


(also hotcha-cha or ha-cha-cha)An expression of pleasure, approval, relish, etc

[1933+; a derivation fr Yiddish hotsa, ”hop!” has been suggested, based on the joyous repetition of the word as one bounces an infant on one’s knees; perhaps fr hot; according to Gelett Burgess, hot-cha-cha was coined by the comedian Jimmy Durante, with whom one identifies the utterance]


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