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(Hot Off The Tree) An Internet-based electronic magazine edited by David Scott Lewis and distributed by electronic mail.


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  • Hot-tear

    [tair] /tɛər/ noun 1. a crack formed in hot metal during cooling, caused by an improper pouring temperature or undue restraint.

  • Hotted

    [hot] /hɒt/ adjective, hotter, hottest. 1. having or giving off heat; having a high temperature: a hot fire; hot coffee. 2. having or causing a sensation of great bodily heat; attended with or producing such a sensation: He was hot with fever. 3. creating a burning sensation, as on the skin or in the throat: […]

  • Hot-tempered

    [hot-tem-perd] /ˈhɒtˈtɛm pərd/ adjective 1. easily angered; short-tempered.

  • Hottentot

    [hot-n-tot] /ˈhɒt nˌtɒt/ noun 1. . /ˈhɒtənˌtɒt/ noun (offensive) 1. (pl) -tot, -tots a former name for Khoikhoi (sense 1) 2. any of the languages of this people, belonging to the Khoisan family 1670s, from S.African Dutch, said to mean “stammerer,” it is from hot en tot “hot and tot,” nonsense words imitative of the […]

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