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Hourglass contraction

hourglass contraction hour·glass contraction (our’glās’)
Constriction of the middle portion of a hollow organ, such as the stomach or the uterus.


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  • Hourglass murmur

    hourglass murmur n. A murmur in which there are two areas of maximum loudness, one preceding and the other following a softer midpoint. Its graph resembles an hourglass.

  • Hourglass stomach

    hourglass stomach n. A condition in which there is an abnormal constriction of the stomach wall dividing it into two cavities, cardiac and pyloric.

  • Hour-hand

    noun 1. the hand that indicates the hours on a clock or watch. noun 1. the pointer on a timepiece that indicates the hour Compare minute hand, second hand

  • Houri

    [hoo r-ee, houuh r-ee, hou-uh-ree] /ˈhʊər i, ˈhaʊər i, ˈhaʊ ə ri/ noun, plural houris. 1. one of the beautiful virgins provided in paradise for all faithful Muslims. /ˈhʊərɪ/ noun (pl) -ris 1. (in Muslim belief) any of the nymphs of Paradise 2. any alluring woman n. “nymph of Muslim paradise,” 1737, from French houri […]

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