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[hous-broh-kuh n] /ˈhaʊsˌbroʊ kən/

(of a pet) trained to avoid excreting inside the or in improper places.
[hous-breyk] /ˈhaʊsˌbreɪk/
verb (used with object), housebroke, housebroken, housebreaking.
to train (a pet) to excrete outdoors or in a specific place.
another word for house-trained See house-trained

1820, “to break into a house criminally;” see house (n.) + break (v.). Perhaps a back-formation from housebreaker, attested from mid-14c. Sense of “to train a domestic animal to be clean in the house” is from 1881. Related: Housebreaking; housebroken.


To be generally observant of the amenities; tame

[1932+; fr the condition of a pet who will soil the house with excreta]


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