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a trademark that appears on and identifies all of a company’s products.


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  • House-martin

    noun 1. a small European swallow, Delichon urbica, that builds its nest under the eaves of houses. noun 1. a Eurasian swallow, Delichon urbica, with a slightly forked tail and a white and bluish-black plumage

  • Housemaster

    [hous-mas-ter, -mah-ster] /ˈhaʊsˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər/ noun 1. a man who is in charge of a or a dormitory in a private school for boys. /ˈhaʊsˌmɑːstə/ noun 1. a teacher, esp in a boarding school, responsible for the pupils in his house

  • Housemate

    [hous-meyt] /ˈhaʊsˌmeɪt/ noun 1. a person with whom one shares a or other residence. 2. a sexual partner with whom one shares a or other living quarters without being married. /ˈhaʊsˌmeɪt/ noun 1. a person who is not part of the same family, but with whom one shares a house

  • House-moss

    noun, Dialect. 1. dust ball or dust balls. noun phrase The tufts and whorls of dust that accumulate under beds, tables, etc; beggar’s velvet, ghost turds, slut’s wool (1940s+)

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