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Housing benefit

(social welfare) (in Britain) a payment made by a local authority in the form of a rent rebate to a council tenant or a rent allowance to a private tenant


Read Also:

  • Housing-development

    noun 1. a group of houses or apartments, usually of the same size and design, often erected on a tract of land by one builder and controlled by one management.

  • Housing-estate

    noun, British. 1. . noun 1. a planned area of housing, often with its own shops and other amenities

  • Housing-project

    noun 1. a publicly built and operated housing development, usually intended for low- or moderate-income tenants, senior citizens, etc. noun 1. (US) a housing development built and maintained by a local authority, usually intended for people with a low or moderate income

  • Housing scheme

    noun (Brit) 1. a local-authority housing plan 2. the houses built according to such a plan; housing estate

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