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Howdy doody

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does howdy doody have wooden balls


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  • Howe

    [hou] /haʊ/ Scot. and North England noun 1. a hole. 2. the hold of a ship. 3. a ; dell. adjective 4. . 5. . [hou] /haʊ/ noun 1. E(dgar) W(atson) 1853–1937, U.S. novelist and editor. 2. Elias, 1819–67, U.S. inventor of the sewing machine. 3. Gordon (Gordie) born 1928, Canadian ice-hockey player. 4. Irving, […]

  • Howel

    [hou-uh l] /ˈhaʊ əl/ noun 1. a channel cut along the inside edge of a barrel stave to receive the barrelhead.

  • Howel dda

    /ˈhaʊəl ˈdɑː/ noun 1. See Hywel Dda

  • Howell-jolly body

    Howell-Jolly body How·ell-Jol·ly body (hou’əl-zhô-lē’) n. A spherical granule often observed in the stroma of a red blood cell, especially after a splenectomy.

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