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head-driven phrase structure grammar


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  • Hp-sux

    abuse, operating system /H-P suhks/ An unflattering hackerism for HP-UX which features some truly unique bogosities in the file system internals and elsewhere (these occasionally create portability problems). HP-UX is often referred to as “hockey-pux” inside HP, and one respondent claims that the proper pronunciation is /H-P ukkkhhhh/ as though one were about to spit. […]

  • Hpt

    1. high pressure turbine 2. home pregnancy test

  • Hp-ux

    operating system The version of Unix running on Hewlett-Packard workstations. HP-UX conforms to X/Open’s Portability Guide Issue 4 (XPG4), Federal Information Processing Specification (FIPS) 151.1, POSIX 1003.1, POSIX 1003.2, AT&T’s System V Interface Definition 2 (SVID 2). HP-UX incorporates selected features from the University of California at Berkeley Software Distribution 4.3 (4.3BSD). It is known […]

  • HPV

    1. human papilloma virus. abbreviation 1. human papilloma virus HPV abbr. human papilloma virus human papillomavirus

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