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  • HR

    1. home run. 2. House of Representatives. 1. . 1. hour; hours. 1. House of Representatives. 1. home run. abbreviation 1. hour 2. Baseball home run abbreviation 1. Croatia abbreviation 1. (US) House of Representatives 2. human resources 3. human rights 4. Croatia (international car registration) HR abbr. heart rate networking The country code for […]

  • H.r.

    1. home run. 1. House of Representatives. home run House of Representatives

  • HRA

    1. Health Resources Administration. 1. Health Resources Administration 2. health risk assessment

  • Hradec-kralove

    [hrah-dets krah-law-ve] /ˈhrɑ dɛts ˈkrɑ lɔ vɛ/ noun 1. a town in the N Czech Republic, on the Elbe River: Austrians defeated by Prussians in Battle of Sadowa 1866. /Czech ˈhradɛts ˈkraːlɔvɛː/ noun 1. a town in the N Czech Republic, on the Elbe River. Pop: 97 000 (2005 est) German name Königgrätz

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