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Hope This Helps. Often used sarcastically, see HAND.
hope this helps


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  • Hthl

    horizontal takeoff, horizontal landing

  • Htlm

    Do you mean HTML?

  • HTLV

    1. human T-cell lymphotropic virus: any of a family of retroviruses associated with certain leukemias and immune system deficiencies. abbreviation 1. human T-cell lymphotrophic virus: any one of a small family of viruses that cause certain rare diseases in the T-cells of human beings; for instance, HTLV I causes a form of leukaemia HTLV (āch’tē-ěl-vē’) […]

  • HTLV-1

    1. human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1: a type of retrovirus that causes a rare form of leukemia, primarily occurring in southern Japan and the Caribbean islands.

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