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Do you mean HTTP or HTML?


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  • Hrir

    high resolution infrared radiometer

  • H.R.I.P.

    1. here rests in peace.

  • Httpd

    World-Wide Web (Hypertext transfer protocol daemon). An HTTP/1.0-compatible server, written by Rob McCool robm@ncsa.uiuc.edu of NCSA, for making hypertext and other documents available to World-Wide Web browsers. HTTPd is designed to be small and fast and to work with most HTTP/0.9 and HTTP/1.0 browsers. You can customise your server to execute searches and handle HTML […]

  • Http proxy server

    World-Wide Web A proxy server for HTTP requests. Typically an HTTP proxy or “web proxy” accepts HTTP requests containing URLs with a special prefix. The proxy removes the prefix and looks for the resulting URL in its local cache (if it is a caching proxy). If found, it returns the document immediately, otherwise it fetches […]

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