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[huhb-uh huhb-uh] /ˈhʌb ə ˈhʌb ə/

interjection, Slang.
(an exclamation of admiration, approval, or enthusiasm, used especially by G.I.’s of World War II as a shout in appreciation of a pretty girl.)

an exclamation of approval or enthusiasm

U.S. slang cry of excitement or enthusiasm, first recorded 1944.


Quickly; immediately; on the double


An exclamation of delight, relish, etc, esp at the sight of a woman

[WWII armed forces; origin unknown; perhaps a version of a Chinese greeting how-pu-how, apparently adopted by US airmen from Chinese pilot trainees; perhaps originally a bit of gibberish used to imitate the clamor of conversation, esp when soldiers get the command ”Parade rest,” after which one can talk, as distinct from the command ”At ease,” after which one must remain silent and contribute to no hubbub]


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