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[huhk-uh l-ber-ee] /ˈhʌk əlˌbɛr i/

noun, plural huckleberries.
the dark-blue or black edible berry of any of various shrubs belonging to the genus Gaylussacia of the heath family.
a shrub bearing such fruit.
(def 1).
noun (pl) -ries
any American ericaceous shrub of the genus Gaylussacia, having edible dark blue berries with large seeds
the fruit of any of these shrubs
another name for blueberry
a Brit name for whortleberry (sense 1)

1660s, American English, probably an alteration of Middle English hurtilbery “whortleberry” (15c.), from Old English horte “whortleberry.” Technically the fruit and plant of Gaylussacia, but also widely colloquially applied to the closely related blueberry (Vaccinium). Slang meaning “person of little consequence” is attested from 1835.



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