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(Islam) a truce or ceasefire for a fixed duration


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    [huhd-soh-nee-uh n] /hʌdˈsoʊ ni ən/ noun 1. See under . [god-wit] /ˈgɒd wɪt/ noun 1. any of several large, widely distributed shorebirds of the genus Limosa, as the New World L. haemastica (Hudsonian godwit) having a long bill that curves upward slightly. /ˈɡɒdwɪt/ noun 1. any large shore bird of the genus Limosa, of northern […]

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    noun 1. muskrat fur that has been plucked and dyed to give the appearance of seal. noun 1. muskrat fur that has been dressed and dyed to resemble sealskin

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