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Charles Evans, 1862–1948, U.S. jurist and statesman: chief justice of the U.S. 1930–41.
Howard (Robard)
[roh-bahrd] /ˈroʊ bɑrd/ (Show IPA), 1905–76, U.S. businessman, motion-picture producer, and aviator.
(John) Langston
[lang-stuh n] /ˈlæŋ stən/ (Show IPA), 1902–67, U.S. novelist and poet.
Rupert, 1872–1956, U.S. novelist and biographer.
Ted, 1930–1998, English poet: poet laureate 1984–98 (husband of Sylvia Plath).
Thomas, 1822–96, English novelist, reformer, and jurist.
William Morris, 1864–1952, Australian statesman, born in Wales: prime minister 1915–23.
Contemporary Examples

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Donna Rice: ‘My Heart Really Goes Out to Monica Lewinsky’ Keli Goff May 8, 2014
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Historical Examples

Benjamin Franklin; Self-Revealed, Volume I (of 2) Wiliam Cabell Bruce
Robert Toombs Pleasant A. Stovall
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, No. XI.–April, 1851–Vol. II. Various
The Quarterly Review, Volume 162, No. 324, April, 1886 Various
The Jervaise Comedy J. D. Beresford

Howard. 1905–76, US industrialist, aviator, and film producer. He became a total recluse during the last years of his life
(James Mercer) Langston. 1902–67, US Black poet and writer. His collections include The Weary Blues (1926) and The Panther and the Lash (1967)
Richard (Arthur Warren). 1900–76, British novelist. He wrote A High Wind in Jamaica (1929), In Hazard (1938), and The Fox in the Attic (1961)
Robert (Studley Forrest). 1938–2012, Australian art critic, writer, and broadcaster; his work includes the television series The Shock of the New (1981) and the book The Culture of Complaint (1993)
Ted, full name Edward James Hughes. 1930–98, British poet: his works include The Hawk in the Rain (1957), Crow (1970), and Birthday Letters (1998). Poet laureate (1984–98)
Thomas. 1822–96, British novelist; author of Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1857)
William Morris. 1864–1952, Australian statesman, born in England: prime minister of Australia (1915–23)


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