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[hyoo-goh or, often, yoo-; French y-goh] /ˈhyu goʊ or, often, ˈyu-; French üˈgoʊ/

Victor (Marie, Viscount)
[vik-ter muh-ree;; French veek-tawr ma-ree] /ˈvɪk tər məˈri;; French vikˈtɔr maˈri/ (Show IPA), 1802–85, French poet, novelist, and dramatist.
a male given name.
/ˈhjuːɡəʊ; French yɡo/
Victor (Marie) (viktɔr). 1802–85, French poet, novelist, and dramatist; leader of the romantic movement in France. His works include the volumes of verse Les Feuilles d’automne (1831) and Les Contemplations (1856), the novels Notre-Dame de Paris (1831) and Les Misérables (1862), and the plays Hernani (1830) and Ruy Blas (1838)

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