Friedrich Heinrich Alexander
[free-drikh hahyn-rikh ah-lek-sahn-duh r] /ˈfri drɪx ˈhaɪn rɪx ˌɑ lɛkˈsɑn dər/ (Show IPA), Baron von
[fuh n] /fən/ (Show IPA), 1769–1859, German naturalist, writer, and statesman.
his brother, (Karl) Wilhelm
[kahrl vil-helm] /kɑrl ˈvɪl hɛlm/ (Show IPA), Baron von, 1767–1835, German philologist and diplomat.
a town in NW Tennessee.
a river in NE Nevada, flowing W and SW to the Humboldt Sink. 290 miles (467 km) long.
Contemporary Examples

Schlink: In 1990, in January, I became a guest professor at Humboldt in Germany right after the wall had come down.
Ordinary Monsters Richard Cohen December 10, 2008

“Intellectuals are coming up in this country,” Humboldt says.
Is Obama Too Thoughtful? Michael Signer February 12, 2010

Historical Examples

Yet Humboldt was not the original inventor of the inquiry into the mean temperatures.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 65, No. 402, April, 1849 Various

There is a good account of it in Humboldt’s Examen critique, tom.
The Discovery of America Vol. 1 (of 2) John Fiske.

Went down the Humboldt and crossed another stream, tributary to the former.
Journal of a Trip to California Charles W. Smith

He is second only to Humboldt in describing a tropical forest.
More Letters of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin

“Rivers are the natural highways of nations,” says Humboldt.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 101, March, 1866 Various

It is well that Humboldt’s advice was not heeded in this regard.
Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 4 of 8 Various

The writings of Humboldt mark an era in the science of geography, and have led to many further researches.
Celebrated Travels and Travellers Jules Verne

Twenty miles from the Sink of the Humboldt there are four wells.
The Prairie Traveler Randolph Marcy

Baron (Friedrich Heinrich) Alexander von (alɛˈksandər fɔn). 1769–1859, German scientist, who made important scientific explorations in Central and South America (1799–1804). In Kosmos (1845–62), he provided a comprehensive description of the physical universe
his brother, Baron (Karl) Wilhelm von (ˈvɪlhɛlm fɔn). 1767–1835, German philologist and educational reformer
(hŭm’bōlt’, hm’bôlt’)
German naturalist and writer who explored South America, Cuba, and Mexico (1799-1804) and recorded a wide range of species, particularly plants, and attempted to explain their geographic distribution with respect to their environment. His work laid the foundation the science of ecology.

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