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a slow and inefficient method of typing by looking for each key separately before striking it: used by untrained typists.


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  • Huntaway

    [huhnt-uh-wey] /ˈhʌnt əˌweɪ/ Australian noun 1. a sheep dog. adjective 2. (of a dog) trained to herd sheep. /ˈhʌntəˌweɪ/ noun 1. (NZ) a dog trained to drive sheep at a long distance from the shepherd

  • Hunt-board

    noun 1. English Furniture. a semicircular drinking table, often having a groove serving as a guide for coasters and a well for unopened bottles. 2. U.S. Furniture. a high sideboard table, often without drawers, used for serving breakfast before and a collation after a hunt.

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