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[huh-rah, -raw] /həˈrɑ, -ˈrɔ/

(used as an exclamation of joy, exultation, appreciation, encouragement, or the like.)
verb (used without object)
to shout “hurrah.”.
an exclamation of “hurrah.”.
hubbub; commotion; fanfare.
a colorful or tumultuous event; spectacle or celebration:
We celebrated the centennial with a three-day hurrah.
last / final hurrah, a final moment or occasion of glory or achievement:
The new play will be her last hurrah as an actress before she retires.
interjection, noun
a cheer of joy, victory, etc
to shout “hurrah”

1680s, alteration of huzza, similar to shouts recorded in German, Danish, Swedish. Perhaps picked up during Thirty Years’ War. Hurra was said to be the battle-cry of Prussian soldiers during the War of Liberation (1812-13). Hooray is its popular form and is almost as old. Also hurray (1780); hurroo (1824); hoorah (1798).


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