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[hur-tl] /ˈhɜr tl/

verb (used without object), hurtled, hurtling.
to rush violently; move with great speed:
The car hurtled down the highway.
to move or go noisily or resoundingly, as with violent or rapid motion:
The sound was deafening, as tons of snow hurtled down the mountain.
Archaic. to strike together or against something; collide.
verb (used with object), hurtled, hurtling.
to drive violently; fling; dash.
Archaic. to dash against; collide with.
Archaic. clash; collision; shock; clatter.
to project or be projected very quickly, noisily, or violently
(intransitive) (rare) to collide or crash

early 14c., hurteln, “to crash together; to crash down, knock down,” probably frequentative of hurten (see hurt (v.)) in its original sense. Intransitive meaning “to rush, dash, charge” is late 14c. The essential notion in hurtle is that of forcible collision, in hurl that of forcible projection. Related: Hurtled; hurtling.


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