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Anne Marbury
[mahr-buh-ree] /ˈmɑr bə ri/ (Show IPA), 1591–1643, American religious liberal, born in England: banished from Massachusetts 1637.
Thomas, 1711–80, American colonial administrator: royal governor of Massachusetts 1769–74; in exile from England after 1774.
a city in central Kansas, on the Arkansas River.
Contemporary Examples

There is a priority to protect the identity of their guests for Fisher and Hutchinson.
The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes Rich Goldstein February 17, 2014

Hutchinson adds that the sex questions will often ask “These are things that I do, is this weird?”
The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes Rich Goldstein February 17, 2014

“In comedy world [you want] to talk to these great comedians that I look up to or admire, even among your peers,” Hutchinson says.
The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes Rich Goldstein February 17, 2014

Hutchinson, the incoming governor, has said he needs time to decide what his position is on the plan.
Arkansas’s Blue Collar Social Conservatives Don’t Know What’s Coming Monica Potts November 9, 2014

In another episode, Hutchinson and her real-life boyfriend discussed the impact of the show on their relationship and sex life.
The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes Rich Goldstein February 17, 2014

Historical Examples

Hutchinson published a pamphlet reviling the Visitors, and pronouncing their decision invalid.
The Commercial Restraints of Ireland John Hely Hutchinson

Some weeks before had happened the affair of the Hutchinson letters.
The Siege of Boston Allen French

To this change Hutchinson directly, and still more indirectly, contributed.
The Commercial Restraints of Ireland John Hely Hutchinson

But Hutchinson had been serving the king as the king wished to be served.
The Siege of Boston Allen French

The handsomer they were, the more dangerously charming, the better Miss Hutchinson would be pleased.
T. Tembarom Frances Hodgson Burnett


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