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[huht-muh nt] /ˈhʌt mənt/

an encampment of .
(mainly military) a number or group of huts


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  • Hutterite

    [huht-uh-rahyt, hoo t-] /ˈhʌt əˌraɪt, ˈhʊt-/ noun 1. a member of an Anabaptist sect following the principles of Jacob Hutter (d. 1536) of Moravia and practicing community of goods and nonconformity. /ˈhʌtəˌraɪt/ noun 1. a member of an Anabaptist Christian sect founded in Moravia, branches of which established farming communities in western Canada and the […]

  • Hutting

    [huht] /hʌt/ noun 1. a small or humble dwelling of simple construction, especially one made of natural materials, as of logs or grass. 2. a simple roofed shelter, often with one or two sides left open. 3. Military. a wooden or metal structure for the temporary housing of troops. verb (used with object), hutted, hutting. […]

  • Hutton

    [huht-n] /ˈhʌt n/ noun 1. James, 1726–97, Scottish geologist: formulated uniformitarianism. /ˈhʌtən/ noun 1. James. 1726–97, Scottish geologist, regarded as the founder of modern geology 2. Sir Leonard, known as Len Hutton. 1916–90, English cricketer; the first professional captain of England (1953) Hutton (hŭt’n) Scottish geologist whose theories of rock and land formation laid the […]

  • Hutu

    [hoo-too] /ˈhu tu/ noun, plural Hutus (especially collectively) Hutu. 1. a member of a Bantu farming people of Rwanda and Burundi, in central Africa. /ˈhuːˌtuː/ noun (pl) -tu, -tus 1. a member of a Negroid people of Rwanda and Burundi

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