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a combining form meaning “glass,” used in the formation of compound words:
combining form
of, relating to, or resembling glass: hyaloplasm

word-forming element meaning “of glass; glass-like, transparent,” from Greek hyalos “glass, clear alabaster,” apparently a non-Greek word, said to be of Egyptian origin.

hyalo- or hyal-


Read Also:

  • Hyalogen

    hyalogen hy·al·o·gen (hī-āl’ə-jən) n. Any of various insoluble substances related to mucoids occurring in structures such as cartilage, vitreous humor, and hydatid cysts and yielding sugars on hydrolysis.

  • Hyalograph

    [hahy-uh-luh-graf, -grahf] /ˈhaɪ ə ləˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf/ noun 1. an instrument used in hyalography.

  • Hyalography

    [hahy-uh-log-ruh-fee] /ˌhaɪ əˈlɒg rə fi/ noun 1. the technique of writing or engraving on glass.

  • Hyalohyphomycosis

    hyalohyphomycosis hy·a·lo·hy·pho·my·co·sis (hī’ə-lō-hī’fō-mī-kō’sĭs) n. An infection caused by a fungus having colorless mycelium that usually occurs as a result of indwelling catheters, steroid therapy, immunosuppressive drugs or cytotoxins, or the body’s decreased resistance to postsurgical infection.

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