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the delicate, pellucid, and nearly structureless membrane enclosing the vitreous humor of the eye.
the delicate transparent membrane enclosing the vitreous humour of the eye

hyaloid membrane n.
See vitreous membrane.


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  • Hyalomere

    [hahy-al-uh-meer, hahy-uh-luh-] /haɪˈæl əˌmɪər, ˈhaɪ ə lə-/ noun, Cell Biology. 1. the transparent part of a blood platelet, surrounding the chromomere. hyalomere hy·a·lo·mere (hī’ə-lō-mēr’) n. The peripheral area of a blood platelet that remains clear after staining.

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    [hahy-al-uh-feyn, hahy-uh-luh-] /haɪˈæl əˌfeɪn, ˈhaɪ ə lə-/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. a variety of orthoclase in which some of the potassium is replaced by barium.

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