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[hahy-bri-doh-muh] /ˌhaɪ brɪˈdoʊ mə/

noun, plural hybridomas. Biotechnology.
a cell made in the laboratory by fusing a normal cell with a cancer cell, usually a myeloma or lymphoma, in order to combine desired features of each, as the ability of the cancer cell to multiply rapidly with the ability of the normal cell to dictate the production of a specific antibody.
a hybrid cell formed by the fusion of two different types of cell, esp one capable of producing antibodies, but of limited lifespan, fused with an immortal tumour cell

hybridoma hy·brid·o·ma (hī’brĭ-dō’mə)
A cell hybrid produced in vitro by the fusion of a lymphocyte that produces antibodies and a myeloma tumor cell. It proliferates into clones that produce a continuous supply of a specific antibody.


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