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[hahy-druh-hed-id] /ˈhaɪ drəˌhɛd ɪd/

containing many problems, difficulties, or obstacles.
having many branches, divisions, facets, etc.


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  • Hydralazine

    [hahy-dral-uh-zeen] /haɪˈdræl əˌzin/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a white crystalline powder, C 8 H 8 N 4 , that dilates blood vessels and is used in the treatment of hypertension. hydralazine hy·dral·a·zine (hī-drāl’ə-zēn’) n. A crystalline compound whose hydrochloride form is used in the treatment of hypertension.

  • Hydramine

    [hahy-druh-meen] /ˈhaɪ drəˌmin/ noun, Chemistry. 1. an amine derived from a glycol in which one hydroxyl is replaced by an amino group.

  • Hydramnion

    hydramnion hy·dram·ni·on (hī-drām’nē-ən, -ŏn’) n. The presence of an excessive amount of amniotic fluid.

  • Hydranencephaly

    hydranencephaly hy·dran·en·ceph·a·ly (hī’drān-ən-sěf’ə-lē) n. The congenital absence of the cerebral hemispheres in which the space in the cranium that they normally occupy is filled with fluid.

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