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Hydrogen carbonate

another name for bicarbonate


Read Also:

  • Hydrogen-chloride

    noun 1. a colorless gas, HCl, having a pungent odor: the anhydride of hydrochloric acid. noun 1. a colourless pungent corrosive gas obtained by the action of sulphuric acid on sodium chloride: used in making vinyl chloride and other organic chemicals. Formula: HCl 2. an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride; hydrochloric acid hydrogen chloride n. […]

  • Hydrogen-cyanide

    noun 1. a colorless poisonous gas, HCN, having a bitter almondlike odor: in aqueous solution it forms hydrocyanic acid. noun 1. a colourless poisonous liquid with a faint odour of bitter almonds, usually made by a catalysed reaction between ammonia, oxygen, and methane. It forms prussic acid in aqueous solution and is used for making […]

  • Hydrogen donor

    hydrogen donor n. A substance or compound that gives up or transfers a hydrogen atom to another substance.

  • Hydrogen-electrode

    noun 1. a standard reference electrode with a potential of zero, used in pH measurements, consisting of a platinum-black surface covered with hydrogen bubbles.

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