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hydropneumogony hy·dro·pneu·mo·go·ny (hī’drō-nu-mō’gə-nē, -nyu-)
The injection of air into a joint to determine the amount of effusion.


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  • Hydropneumopericardium

    hydropneumopericardium hy·dro·pneu·mo·per·i·car·di·um (hī’drō-nōō’mō-pěr’ĭ-kär’dē-əm) n. The accumulation of serous fluid and gas in the pericardial sac. Also called pneumohydropericardium.

  • Hydropneumoperitoneum

    hydropneumoperitoneum hy·dro·pneu·mo·per·i·to·ne·um (hī’drō-nōō’mō-pěr’ĭ-tn-ē’əm, -nyōō’-) n. The accumulation of serous fluid and gas in the peritoneal cavity. Also called pneumohydroperitoneum.

  • Hydropneumothorax

    hydropneumothorax hy·dro·pneu·mo·tho·rax (hī’drō-nōō’mō-thôr’āks’, -nyōō’-) n. The accumulation of fluid and gas in the pleural cavity. Also called pneumohydrothorax.

  • Hydroponic

    [hahy-druh-pon-iks] /ˌhaɪ drəˈpɒn ɪks/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil; soilless growth of plants. Compare , (def 2). /ˌhaɪdrəʊˈpɒnɪks/ noun 1. (functioning as sing) a method of cultivating plants by growing them in gravel, etc, through which water […]

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