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[hahy-druh-thur-muh l] /ˌhaɪ drəˈθɜr məl/

adjective, Geology.
noting or pertaining to the action of hot, aqueous solutions or gases within or on the surface of the earth.
of or relating to the action of water under conditions of high temperature, esp in forming rocks and minerals

1852, from hydro- + thermal (adj.); 1855 in geology.
Relating to or produced by hot water, especially water heated underground by the Earth’s internal heat. ◇ Hydrothermal energy is power that is generated using the Earth’s hot water.


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    noun, Oceanography, Geology. 1. an opening on the floor of the sea from which hot, mineral-rich solutions issue. Compare 1 (def 2). hydrothermal vent A fissure on the floor of a sea out of which flows water that has been heated by underlying magma. The water can be as hot as 400°C (752°F) and usually […]

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    hydrothionemia hy·dro·thi·o·ne·mi·a (hī’drō-thī’ə-nē’mē-ə) n. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in the blood.

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