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the Greek goddess of health


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  • Hygiea

    Hygiea (hī-jē’ə) The fourth largest asteroid, having a diameter of about 430 km (267 mi). See more at asteroid.

  • Hygieia

    [hahy-jee-uh] /haɪˈdʒi ə/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. the ancient Greek goddess of health.

  • Hygiene

    [hahy-jeen] /ˈhaɪ dʒin/ noun 1. Also, hygienics. the science that deals with the preservation of health. 2. a condition or practice conducive to the preservation of health, as cleanliness. /ˈhaɪdʒiːn/ noun 1. Also called hygienics. the science concerned with the maintenance of health 2. clean or healthy practices or thinking: personal hygiene n. 1670s, from […]

  • Hygiene hypothesis

    noun a theory that children not exposed to bacteria and dirt develop weak immune systems and are prone to adult allergies, asthma, etc. Examples The hygiene hypothesis was developed to explain the observation that hay fever and eczema, both allergic diseases, were less common in children from larger families, which were presumably exposed to more […]

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