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[hahy-muh n] /ˈhaɪ mən/

noun, Anatomy.
a fold of mucous membrane partly closing the external orifice of the vagina in a virgin.
[hahy-muh n] /ˈhaɪ mən/
the ancient Greek god of marriage.
(anatomy) a fold of mucous membrane that partly covers the entrance to the vagina and is usually ruptured when sexual intercourse takes place for the first time
the Greek and Roman god of marriage

1610s, from French hymen (16c.), from medical Latin, ultimately from Greek hymen “membrane (especially ‘virginal membrane,’ the membrane par excellence); thin skin,” from PIE *syu-men-, from root *syu- “to bind, sew” (see sew). Originally any membrane; present specific meaning begins with Vesalius in the 1555 edition of De humani corporis fabrica. Apparently not directly connected to Hymen, the god of marriage, but sharing the same root and supposed to be related in folk etymology.

1580s, Greek god of marriage, represented as a youth carrying a torch and a veil, perhaps etymologically “the joiner,” literally “the one who sews” (two together); see hymen.

hymen hy·men (hī’mən)
A membranous fold of tissue that partly or completely occludes the external vaginal orifice.
hy’men·al adj.
A mucous membrane that partly closes the opening of the vagina.
Hymen [(heye-muhn)]

The Greek god of the wedding feast.
hymen [(heye-muhn)]

A thin fold of mucous membrane that covers all or part of the entrance to the vagina.

Note: An apparently intact hymen is valued in some cultures as proof of virginity in a bride; this “proof,” however, is not accurate. The hymen may appear incomplete in a virgin, and it may appear intact in a woman who has engaged in sexual intercourse.


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