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[hahy-oid] /ˈhaɪ ɔɪd/ Anatomy, Zoology

Also, hyoidal, hyoidean. noting or pertaining to a U -shaped bone at the root of the tongue in humans, or a corresponding bone or collection of bones in animals.
the hyoid bone.
of or relating to the hyoid bone
the horseshoe-shaped bone that lies at the base of the tongue and above the thyroid cartilage
a corresponding bone or group of bones in other vertebrates

1811, from French hyoïde (16c.), from Modern Latin hyoides, from Greek hyoeides “shaped like the letter U,” from hu “letter U” (in later Greek called upsilon) + -oeides “like” (see -oid).

hyoid hy·oid (hī’oid’)

The hyoid bone.


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