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[hip-al-jee-zee-uh, -see-uh, hahy-pal-] /ˌhɪp ælˈdʒi zi ə, -si ə, ˌhaɪ pæl-/

decreased sensitivity to pain (opposed to ).
/ˌhaɪpælˈdʒiːzɪə; -sɪə/
(pathol) diminished sensitivity to pain

hypalgesia hyp·al·ge·si·a (hĭp’āl-jē’zē-ə, -zhə, hī’pāl-) or hy·po·al·ge·si·a (hī’pō-āl-)
Diminished sensitivity to pain.
hyp’al·ge’sic (-sĭk, -zĭk) adj.


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