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[hahy-per-dak-til-ee-uh] /ˌhaɪ pər dækˈtɪl i ə/

the presence of extra fingers or toes.


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  • Hyperdactyly

    [hahy-per-dak-til-ee-uh] /ˌhaɪ pər dækˈtɪl i ə/ noun 1. the presence of extra fingers or toes. hyperdactyly hy·per·dac·ty·ly (hī’pər-dāk’tə-lē) See polydactyly.

  • Hyperdemocratic

    [dem-uh-krat-ik] /ˌdɛm əˈkræt ɪk/ adjective 1. pertaining to or of the nature of democracy or a democracy. 2. pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all: democratic treatment. 3. advocating or upholding democracy. 4. (initial capital letter) Politics. /ˌdɛməˈkrætɪk/ adjective 1. of, characterized by, derived from, or relating to […]

  • Hyperdicrotic

    [dahy-krot-ik] /daɪˈkrɒt ɪk/ adjective, Physiology. 1. having or pertaining to a double beat of the pulse for each beat of the heart. /daɪˈkrɒtɪk/ adjective 1. (physiol) having or relating to a double pulse for each heartbeat hyperdicrotic hy·per·di·crot·ic (hī’pər-dī-krŏt’ĭk) adj. Characterized by excess dicrotism.

  • Hyperdrawing

    noun any hypertext software with a drawing program; drawing with such a program Usage Note computing

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