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hypereosinophilia hy·per·e·o·sin·o·phil·i·a (hī’pər-ē’ə-sĭn’ə-fĭl’ē-ə)
An abnormally high increase in the number of eosinophilic granulocytes in the blood or tissues.


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  • Hypereosinophilic syndrome

    hypereosinophilic syndrome hy·per·e·o·sin·o·phil·ic syndrome (hī’pər-ē’ə-sĭn’ə-fĭl’ĭk) n. A syndrome in which the concentration of eosinophils increases in peripheral blood with later infiltration into bone marrow, heart, and other organ systems, accompanied by nocturnal sweating, coughing, anorexia, weight loss, itching, skin lesions, and symptoms of Löffler’s endocarditis.

  • Hyperergia

    hyperergia hy·per·er·gi·a (hī’pər-ûr’jē-ə, -jə) or hy·per·er·gy (hī’pə-rûr’jē) or hyp·er·gi·a (hī-pûr’jē-ə) n. An altered state of reactivity in which allergic response is heightened. hy’per·er’gic (-jĭk) adj.

  • Hyperergasia

    hyperergasia hy·per·er·ga·si·a (hī’pər-ûr-gā’zē-ə, -zhə) n. Increased or excessive functional activity.

  • Hypererythrocythemia

    hypererythrocythemia hy·per·e·ryth·ro·cy·the·mi·a (hī’pər-ĭ-rĭth’rō-sī-thē’mē-ə) n. See polycythemia.

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