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[hahy-per-tekst] /ˈhaɪ pərˌtɛkst/

a method of storing data through a computer program that allows a user to create and link fields of information at will and to retrieve the data nonsequentially.
computer software and hardware that allows users to create, store, and view text and move between related items easily and in a nonsequential way; a word or phrase can be selected to link users to another part of the same document or to a different document

1969, from hyper- + text (n.).
A computer-based text retrieval system that enables a user to access particular locations or files in webpages or other electronic documents by clicking on links within specific webpages or documents.

The entire chain of hyperlinks that connects a series of related Web pages.

A term coined by Ted Nelson around 1965 for a collection of documents (or “nodes”) containing cross-references or “links” which, with the aid of an interactive browser program, allow the reader to move easily from one document to another.
The extension of hypertext to include other media – sound, graphics, and video – has been termed “hypermedia”, but is usually just called “hypertext”, especially since the advent of the World-Wide Web and HTML.


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