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[hahy-pur-truh-fee] /haɪˈpɜr trə fi/

noun, plural hypertrophies.
abnormal enlargement of a part or organ; excessive growth.
excessive growth or accumulation of any kind.
verb (used with or without object), hypertrophied, hypertrophying.
to affect with or undergo hypertrophy.
noun (pl) -phies
enlargement of an organ or part resulting from an increase in the size of the cells Compare atrophy, hyperplasia
verb -phies, -phying, -phied
to undergo or cause to undergo this condition

1821, from hyper- + Greek -trophe “nourishment” (see -trophy). Related: Hypertrophic.

hypertrophy hy·per·tro·phy (hī-pûr’trə-fē)
A nontumorous enlargement of an organ or a tissue as a result of an increase in the size rather than the number of constituent cells. v. hy·per·tro·phied, hy·per·tro·phy·ing, hy·per·tro·phies
To grow or cause to grow abnormally large.
hy’per·tro’phic (-trō’fĭk, -trŏf’ĭk) adj.


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