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Hyphen help

a word processing function that assists the operator to identify automatically those words that can be hyphenated at the end of a line of text


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  • Hyphenation

    [verb hahy-fuh-neyt; adjective, noun hahy-fuh-nit, -neyt] /verb ˈhaɪ fəˌneɪt; adjective, noun ˈhaɪ fə nɪt, -ˌneɪt/ verb (used with object), hyphenated, hyphenating. 1. to join by a . 2. to write or divide with a . adjective 3. of or relating to something of distinct form or origin that has been joined; connected by a . […]

  • Hyphenize

    [hahy-fuh-nahyz] /ˈhaɪ fəˌnaɪz/ verb (used with object), hyphenized, hyphenizing. 1. .

  • Hyphidrosis

    hyphidrosis hyp·hi·dro·sis (hīp’hī-drō’sĭs, hĭp’-) n. Variant of hypohidrosis.

  • Hyphopodium

    [hahy-fuh-poh-dee-uh m] /ˌhaɪ fəˈpoʊ di əm/ noun, plural hyphopodia [hahy-fuh-poh-dee-uh] /ˌhaɪ fəˈpoʊ di ə/ (Show IPA) 1. (in a fungus) a specialized hyphal branch, composed of one or two usually lobed cells, serving for attachment and for the absorption of food.

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