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Hypnagogic image

(psychol) an image experienced by a person just before falling asleep, which often resembles a hallucination


Read Also:

  • Hypnagogic jerk

    noun any spasm that accompanies the transition to sleep ; also spelled hypnogogic jerk , myoclonic jerk Word Origin 1962

  • Hypnagogic-state

    noun, Psychology. 1. the drowsy period between wakefulness and sleep, during which fantasies and hallucinations often occur.

  • Hypnagogue

    hypnagogue hyp·na·gogue (hĭp’nə-gôg’) n. A drug or an agent that induces sleep.

  • Hypnapagogic

    hypnapagogic hyp·nap·a·gog·ic (hĭp-nāp’ə-gŏj’ĭk, -gō’jĭk) adj.

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