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[hip-nuh-tahyz] /ˈhɪp nəˌtaɪz/

verb (used with object), hypnotized, hypnotizing.
to put in the state.
to influence, control, or direct completely, as by personal charm, words, or domination:
The speaker hypnotized the audience with his powerful personality.
to frighten or startle so that movement is impossible:
The headlights hypnotized the deer and it just stood staring at the oncoming car.
verb (used without object), hypnotized, hypnotizing.
to practice ; put or be able to put others into a state.
verb (transitive)
to induce hypnosis in (a person)
to charm or beguile; fascinate

1843, see hypnotic + -ize. Related: Hypnotized; hypnotizing.

hypnotize hyp·no·tize (hĭp’nə-tīz’)
v. hyp·no·tized, hyp·no·tiz·ing, hyp·no·tiz·es
To put a person into a state of hypnosis.
hyp’no·tiz’a·bil’i·ty n.
hyp’no·tiz’a·ble adj.
hyp’no·ti·za’tion (-tĭ-zā’shən) n.


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