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[hahy-puh-dur-muh] /ˌhaɪ pəˈdɜr mə/

noun, Botany, Zoology.

Hypoderma Hy·po·der·ma (hī’pə-dûr’mə)
A genus of botflies whose larvae cause a creeping eruption in humans.


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    [hahy-puh-dur-mis] /ˌhaɪ pəˈdɜr mɪs/ noun 1. Zoology. an underlayer of epithelial cells in arthropods and certain other invertebrates that secretes substances for the overlying cuticle or exoskeleton. 2. Botany. a tissue or layer of cells beneath the epidermis. /ˌhaɪpəˈdɜːmɪs/ noun 1. (botany) a layer of thick-walled supportive or water-storing cells beneath the epidermis in some […]

  • Hypodermatosis

    hypodermatosis hy·po·der·ma·to·sis (hī’pə-dûr’mə-tō’sĭs) n. Infection of cattle, sheep, and humans with larvae of flies of the genus Hypoderma.

  • Hypodermic injection

    hypodermic injection n. A subcutaneous, intracutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injection by means of a hypodermic syringe and needle.

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