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[hahy-puh-sen-si-tahyz] /ˌhaɪ pəˈsɛn sɪˌtaɪz/

verb (used with object), hyposensitized, hyposensitizing. Medicine/Medical.
to cause (a person) to become less sensitive to (a substance producing an allergic reaction); desensitize.
(transitive) to desensitize; render less sensitive

hyposensitize hy·po·sen·si·tize (hī’pō-sěn’sĭ-tīz’)
v. hy·po·sen·si·tized, hy·po·sen·si·tiz·ing, hy·po·sen·si·tiz·es
To make less sensitive, as to an allergen.


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  • Hyposmia

    hyposmia hy·pos·mi·a (hī-pŏz’mē-ə) n. A diminished or deficient sense of smell.

  • Hyposomatotropism

    hyposomatotropism hy·po·so·mat·o·tro·pism (hī’pō-sə-māt’ə-trō’pĭz’əm, -sō’mə-tə-) n. Deficient secretion of somatotropin.

  • Hypospadias

    /ˌhaɪpəˈspeɪdɪəs/ noun 1. (pathol) a congenital condition in which the opening of the urethra is situated on the underside of the penis instead of at its tip hypospadias hy·po·spa·di·as (hī’pō-spā’dē-əs) or hy·po·spa·di·a (-dē-ə) n. hy’po·spa’di·ac’ (-āk’) adj.

  • Hypospray

    [hahy-poh-sprey] /ˈhaɪ poʊˌspreɪ/ Trademark. 1. a brand name for an instrument, similar to a hypodermic syringe, but using no needle, for forcing extremely fine jets of a solution through the unbroken skin.

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