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[hahy-poth-i-keyt, hi-] /haɪˈpɒθ ɪˌkeɪt, hɪ-/

verb (used with object), hypothecated, hypothecating.
to pledge to a creditor as security without delivering over; mortgage.
to put in pledge by delivery, as stocks given as security for a loan.
(transitive) (law) to pledge (personal property or a ship) as security for a debt without transferring possession or title
to allocate the revenue raised by a tax for a specified purpose See also bottomry

1680s, from hypothecat-, past participle stem of Medieval Latin hypothecare, from Late Latin hypotheca, from Greek hypotheke “a deposit, pledge, mortgage,” from hypo- “down” + tithenai “to put, place” (see theme). Related: Hypothecated; hypothecating; hypothecation.


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